The Top 10 Things to Do in Virginia

Virginia is a state that is overflowing with history and heritage. Its location in the north of the United States also gives it a nice climate. This state has a variety of sights to offer, which is why we’ve decided to bring all the travelers out there the top ten things to do in Virginia.

These locations represent pristine options for you and your family to relax, learn more about the state and the nation’s history, and more. Join us as we explore these locations in detail and give you recommendations on where to stay while you visit.

The 10 Must See Attractions in Virginia

Virginia Beach

This location was incorporated in 2000 and is run by a private, family based organization that isn’t funded by the public. All of the events, attractions, and maintenance have been, as the website states, “a labor of love.” The entirety of the company’s members have bios on the “about page” linked previously in this segment. It is truly a place that is designed from the ground up to be as welcoming as possible.

The activities here are of course, the ocean beaches which are dotted with gift shops, ocean piers, restaurants, and ice-cream parlors. The main street is adjacent to the beach, making it a simple walk to everything you need.

Near the beach are several statues that are meant to honor the people who affected Virginia and the nation as a whole during its history. Known as the Virginia Legends walk, this stretch has plaques with the names of each person’s information about them. Legends like Patsy Cline and Thomas Jefferson are some of the ones you can expect to see.

The restaurants you know and love are present and accounted for, but Virginia Beach also hosts a variety of local restaurants that serve seafood, Italian, and of course, drinks. Here are some excellent hotels to consider when you plan your trip:

Colonial Williamsburg

This city is integral to the story of the American Revolutionary War which resulted in the independence of the nation as we know today. Such an important location is certainly worth visiting if you’re a citizen or if you’re interested in some real-world history. The historical city is often referred to as a “living museum.”

This historical city is populated with actors dressed and trained to act like the actual citizens of the time, which lends it an authentic and realistic feel. Historic moments are reenacted and displayed constantly for visitors to feel immersed in the time period.

The historical city is open every day of the year. The nightly programs begin each day around 7 P.M. and the main street known as Duke of Gloucester Street is about a mile long, which means you should wear shoes that you find comfortable.

In addition to the daily events, there are museums, shopping, and restaurants. If you need some time to yourself, there is also golfing and spas available. When you plan your trip, consider these fine hotels as possible options:

Arlington National Cemetery

There are two Army National Military Cemeteries, this being one of them. The other cemetery is located in Washington D.C. These organizations hold anywhere between 27 and 30 services each day of the work week and up to 8 services on Saturdays. The cemeteries are meant to be places of peace and serenity for those who have served their nation.

The location is set upon bright green hills and dotted with trees that are each hundreds of years old. The total size is 624 acres,  and the number of soldiers buried here numbers over 400,000. This place isn’t one that includes restaurants and golf courses; it’s a place to see, truly, the number of sacrifices that people have made to protect their home, and their families.

It is a solemn and powerful place to visit. Tours are offered and the location is opened 365 days per year from 8 A.M. to 7 P.M. It’s important to remember those who sacrificed everything for the things they love, and this place truly allows you to see in solemn form, how massive that sacrifice is. Consider these hotels when you’re planning a trip here:

Busch Gardens

As one of the top amusement parks, Busch Gardens Williamsburg has everything from entertaining shows, to exciting roller coasters, to attractions that are perfect for the young ones. The rides consist of roller coasters, adventures, water-based rides, kid friendly attractions, and calm leisure oriented activities.

Busch Gardens is best known for their roller coasters. The ones here include Alpengeist, Apollo’s Chariot, the Loch Ness Monster, Griffon, and Verbolten. In addition, there are also water rides like Escape from Pompeii, Le Scoot, and Roman Rapids.

This park is unique in that it also includes animal tours, with birds, wolves, and even an area called the “highland stables.” This combination of real world animals and exhilarating rides is something that no other amusement park can boast in the same way. That reason alone is enough to visit this unique and fun experience. It’s a great reason to visit Williamsburg.

Be sure to check out these great hotels when choosing where to say:

The Natural Bridge

This location has a simple story, but a very rich heritage. The Natural Bridge is the centerpiece of a community that borrows the same name in Rockbridge County, Virginia. It is one of the oldest places for tourists to visit in the United States with Thomas Jefferson having been a major supporter the destination.

In the 19th and 20th centuries, it was included in many of the “Seven Natural Wonders of the World” lists, and for good reason. It has since been listed as a National Historic Landmark and is listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

The landmark itself was formed when a cavern collapsed and left the upper portion intact. This was most likely millions of year ago. A legend of the Monacan Indians also claims that this rare find was discovered by the tribe just as they were fleeing from an enemy army.

Thomas Jefferson was so wowed by the sight of it that he purchased the land and 157 acres around it from King George III of England. The land remained in his family for some time before it was turned into a resort by Colonel Henry Parsons.

To this day, it still captivates countless visitors each year. The tickets to see the landmark are $14 for adults and $8 for children. The park is open from 9 A.M. to 5 P.M. and there is a show at 6 P.M. on Friday and Saturday nights called the Drama of Creation.

As you plan your stay here, the website recommends that you call ahead to the gift shop during winter months because some of the attractions can be closed at a moment’s notice during icy or unsafe conditions. Also, please consider these hotels for your stay:

Manassas National Battlefield Park

This park has roots in the Civil War as one of the major battlefields. A total of 5,000-acres large, this battle marked a major turning point in the Civil War. The battle of Manassas occurred on these fields on July 21, 1861. There was a second battle in August of 1862, both of which saw Confederate victories.

There are several places to visit in the park including the Henry Hill Visitor Center, the Brawner Farm, and the Stone House. The website offers a nice breakdown of what to do based on how much time you have to visit. For those simply stopping by, there are short tours, a gift shop, and a 45 minute film called Manassas: End of Innocence.

For those looking to have the ultimate experience in this historical area, there are multiple tours to go on, a self-guided driving tour, and the aforementioned houses. As part of technology’s input, there are also smartphone apps that can be downloaded to enhance the experience.

Consider these top rated hotels when planning your stay:

Thomas Jefferson’s Home: Monticello

As one of the most famous homes in America, Monticello is a home that reflects Thomas Jefferson’s personality and his passion for agriculture and landscaping. His house is composed of 21-rooms that still contain all of the items he used to own, making this a precious living museum.

There are three major tours hosted here including a Monticello Day Pass and House Tour, a Behind the Scenes Tour, and a tour through the eyes of a family who lived and worked on the house’s premises.

The holidays are a great time to visit Monticello as there are special themed events and evening tours to take advantage of. The surrounding area of the house, including the local neighborhood is on display for additional tours.

When planning to visit the home of the United States’ Third President, consider these possible hotels:

George Washington’s Home: Mount Vernon

As a major general in the Continental Army and the first President of the United States, George Washington, and his home of Mount Vernon is a major historic site. Your visit here begins at the Ford Orientation Center where you can view an action-adventure movie entitled “We Fight to Be Free,” and receive advice from the staff about how to plan out your day.

The centerpiece of the location is the mansion which was the house that George Washington’s father, Augustine Washington, built in 1735. George Washington himself expanded the house into a 21-room mansion complete with interesting colors, architectural innovations, and stunning furnishing.

The next step is the mansion’s outbuildings and gardens. In the former, many of the operations were handled like laundry, spinning, and meat curing. There are over a dozen of these small buildings, one of which includes a blacksmith shop that holds daily demonstrations. You will also be wise to visit the late President’s tomb, the slave memorial, and various other museums and historical sites around the residence.

With so much to see, be sure to book a stay at one of these fine hotels:

Shenandoah National Park

National Parks are fantastic places to visit when looking for natural beauty and wildlife. This particular park also has an attraction called the Skyline Drive which is a 105 mile road that runs straight through the park and has four separate entrances.

The park is opened year-round and offers beautiful sights, natural wildlife, and more. The website has a phenomenal top 10 list of the things to do here as well. Some of the highlights include a hike on the Appalachian Trail, a Skyline Drive ride, a Birds of Prey presentation, and plenty more.

National parks always promise great experiences, so don’t miss this one. Be sure to check out these great hotels when you’re planning a trip:

Richmond Canal Walk

Located in the capital city of Virginia, this downtown stretch of history and entertainment is an ideal visiting location. Richmond is the only city in the world with a triple main-line railroad crossing still in operations since 1888. Besides the Canal Walk, there’s also the National Battlefield Park, the Civil War Center, and the Box Brown Plaza on the Canal Walk.

The current canal system was finished in 1999. This canal spans across over a mile of the James River. The canal itself has points of entry at every block between the 5th and 17th streets. There are numerous events throughout the year including Civil War history, art, restaurants, and plenty more to see on this stretch of beautiful sights.

When planning a visit to this place of history and culture, be sure to check out these hotels:

The Ideal Vacation Stops in One Place

Everything from beaches, to a national park, to historical sights and entertainment can be found in the great state of Virginia. Planning a trip here isn't just a good idea, it’s a great one. We recommend it entirely and we wish you a great vacation.

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