50 Lessons Learned From Travel That Are Not Taught in School

You’re sitting with little kids, a woman and a man in their one room hut, with guinea pigs scurrying around on the dirt floor. There is a clay stove in the corner, which doubles as a heater and rudimentary cooking appliance. In another corner is a wooden platform where mom, dad, the two kids and the guinea pigs sleep and eat. Your accommodation is a tent ... [Read more]

Not Your Average Tropical Paradise

It was a bit of a tropical symphony. The air outside my room buzzed with the calls of insects, birds, and monkeys. These sounds merged with the drips of millions of water droplets falling on the leaves after the rain to create a cacophony of tropical music. Despite the luxury around me, I felt as if I was indeed staying in the forest, in a natural ... [Read more]

Trippy Users’ 15 Best Cities They’ve Ever Been To

If given a chance to vote for the best cities you’ve ever been to, which would be your top five cities? Trippy had a poll to see what users had to say about the best, and 74 users responded. Here’s the question, followed by the 15 best we pulled out from the responses. What are the five best cities you've ever been to, and why? I was just looking at a ... [Read more]

9 Things You Absolutely Must Do in Moscow

Braving the land of the unknown is well worth it when your travel itinerary includes Moscow. Antoine Martin, a first-time visitor to Moscow, asked: First trip to Moscow and know very little about what to do. What are things a first-time visitor should see and do? I love architecture, museums, and eating! Open to all suggestions. We’ve compiled this list ... [Read more]

Seven of the Most DANGEROUS Waterfalls! #3 is Truly DEADLY!

Check out these stunning and dangerous waterfalls across the world. These waterfalls and high in height and death counts. 1. Angel Falls - VenezuelaThis waterfall is located at the end of Mount Auyantepui in the Canaima National Park of Venezuela. This stunning waterfall is over a sharp rock wall and has a height of 979 meters. 2. Victoria Falls - ... [Read more]

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