The World’s Best 15 Beer Cities to Discover

Are you on a quest to find the best beer when you travel? Beer is available across the globe, except for in a few countries with religious constraints. However the best beers are arguably the ones made by the locals. For Trippy user, Trevor Morrow, finding local brews is a must-do activity whenever he travels. He wrote: In which country, city or state have ... [Read more]

10 Must Try Dishes in Jamaica

Jamaica offers a buffet of dishes that define the island and its people. Here’s a list of 10 that are worth trying on a visit to Jamaica: 1. Jerk chicken Probably the most well-known dish in Jamaica, jerk chicken is a spicy grilled chicken dish that may have originated from the Taino people, but perfected by African slaves in the 17th century. Jerk is ... [Read more]

A Dolomites Getaway

It must have been a cold, lonely, but stunningly beautiful perch for the soldiers. Rocky spires extending in all directions, with valleys carpeted in forest and meadow far below. Intensely cold winters, with fingers too cold to squeeze a trigger. Occasional bursts of intense gunfire and mortars, interspersed with long periods of just hearing the sound of ... [Read more]

10 Must Try Foods in Peru

Move over Japan, France, and Italy – some of the most exciting dishes are now being concocted in Peru. Allie, a Trippy user from Buenos Aires, knew that when she sought advice from fellow Trippy users before going to the annual food festival in Lima, the capital city of Peru. She asked: I'm headed to Lima for Mistura Food Festival and have an overwhelming ... [Read more]

10 Less than $200 Hotels in Amsterdam

Visiting Amsterdam and looking for the best bang-for-your buck hotels? Look no further. We have a list of 10 less than $200 hotels for you. Before you decide on your hotel, here is a list of Amsterdam city districts and neighborhoods. Use it as a guide to help you pick the right place to stay. City districts and neighborhoods 1. Amsterdam Centrum ... [Read more]

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