10 Best Food Cities in the World

Eating isn't just about having a meal; it's an experience! And when you travel, you can take your eating experience to the next level. Trippy user Andrew asked: What is the best city in the world when you're hungry? Of all the places in the world, where do you dream about being when you're hungry. Give me details! I want to know where and what you ate, how ... [Read more]

10 Must Try Dishes in Jamaica

Jamaica offers a buffet of dishes that define the island and its people. Here’s a list of 10 that are worth trying on a visit to Jamaica: 1. Jerk chicken Probably the most well-known dish in Jamaica, jerk chicken is a spicy grilled chicken dish that may have originated from the Taino people, but perfected by African slaves in the 17th century. Jerk is ... [Read more]

A Guide to Tampa Beaches for Winter Travel

Tampa, the hip city on Florida’s Gulf coast with its world’s longest continuous sidewalk (4.5 miles), rich Cuban hand-rolled cigar history, and family-friendly attractions is Florida’s most diverse travel destination. If you love eating good food, visiting world-class museums, having fun in theme parks, plus lounging at the beach, you should consider ... [Read more]

Mozambique Rising

The Portuguese pilot chatted amiably over the radio as our small plane banked around for a final approach. As we descended toward sand dunes and scrub brush, he explained why he left the air force for a more relaxed lifestyle. Mozambique was relaxed, good for his family, his wife had a job she enjoyed, he liked flying small planes, and the country was on ... [Read more]

How To Travel Like James Bond (PHOTOS)

Now this is business travel. Smooth, debonair, and impossible to ruffle, James Bond hit just about every glamorous corner of the world to catch evil-doers and sample the local martinis. On the 50th anniversary of his creation we celebrate 007's favorite destinations. Travelers can enjoy the sights, but they do well to avoid the stunts. Khao Phing Kan ... [Read more]

Seven of the Most DANGEROUS Waterfalls! #3 is Truly DEADLY!

Check out these stunning and dangerous waterfalls across the world. These waterfalls and high in height and death counts. 1. Angel Falls - VenezuelaThis waterfall is located at the end of Mount Auyantepui in the Canaima National Park of Venezuela. This stunning waterfall is over a sharp rock wall and has a height of 979 meters. 2. Victoria Falls - ... [Read more]

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