10 Train Journeys to Know Before You Book Your Next Trip

Hollywood loves train scenes. Some movies depict adventure and action, like the scene where Captain America jumps onto a moving train in the Alps in Captain America: The First Avenger. Others are romantic, as displayed in Romance in the Orient Express by Lawrence Gordon Clark. My personal train travels have had little resemblance to these fictional ... [Read more]

Two Weeks in Auckland: How to Explore Like a Local

In our amazing world, there are as many ways to travel as there are places to explore. For convenience, there are the package tours where everything is done for you. Your itinerary, hotels, transportation, most meals, tours, and tickets are taken care of by the tour leader and the local guide. But if you have two weeks to spare in Auckland, I suggest ... [Read more]

5 Best Ways to Experience Madrid

Spain’s capital Madrid is packed with treasures. Trippy user Claire knew she was in for a treat and didn’t want to miss out on the fun. To cut through the madness of planning, she decided to seek advice from other Trippy users. She asked: What are the three best ways to experience Madrid culture? My mom and I are going to Spain in July to celebrate my ... [Read more]

7 Best Chinatowns Outside of Asia

It’s easy to succumb to the stereotype that all Chinatowns have fishy smells, jam-packed streets, and exotic edibles. But to some travelers, it’s the neighborhood to indulge in authentic Chinese food, discover hidden cultural gems and to buy rock bottom priced “Made in China” souvenirs to bring home to friends and family. Ever wondered which ... [Read more]

Jordan Travel Guide for First Timers

People often asked me, “Is Jordan safe?” before I left for Jordan. After visiting Jordan for a week, I must say it’s time to put aside your fear and apprehension about traveling to Jordan. Jordan is safe. And the people are friendly. A journey through Jordan offers visitors a step back in time - to the impressive ancient Petra, and Wadi Rum, the ... [Read more]

5 Snowy Beaches! You Might Think #3 is Fake!

The beach makes the perfect summer vacation destination, but what about in winter? Check out these five snowy beaches! Beaches don’t need to be warm to be beautiful. 1. Bethany Beach, DEBethany Beach is located in Delaware, and home to the Bethany Beach Boardwalk. This ultimate beach destination might require snowshoes instead of flip flops! 2. ... [Read more]

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