The Top 10 Things to do in Ohio

When people think of the greatest states in the U.S. a variety of names come up. While places like California may have Hollywood and New York City has the famous Manhattan Island, Ohio is also a place bursting with potential for fun, education, and excitement. That’s why we’re here to bring you a list of the top 10 things to do in Ohio.

Every state is filled with secret avenues of fun, some obvious, and other maybe not as much. Still, they are all unique in their own way and each offer experiences that can’t be found anywhere else. Let’s find out what makes this great state unique!

The Top 10 Activities and Places to Visit in Ohio

Whether it’s a visit to the zoo, or a local museum, Ohio is brimming with exciting things to see and do. This list compiles the best possible things you will want to experience in your time here.

Cedar Point Amusement Park

As the website claims, this is not only the best collection of roller coasters on the planet, but they were also voted the Best Amusement Park in the World. Not a bad reputation to have, and this sprawling collection of rides and entertainment for all ages is certainly impressive to behold.

It all begins with the Millennium Force, a steel roller coaster that was voted as one of the best in the world. The ride’s defining moment is a 300 degree drop at almost 93 miles per hour! This is one of 15 other speed oriented rides the park has to offer.

The park also offers four separate kids oriented areas, a water park, live entertainment, and a locations right on the Cedar Point Beach. Don’t forget to book a room at one of these great hotels, you’re going to need a few days to see it all:

The Cleveland Museum of Art

This renowned museum was founded in 1913 and has a mission to “help the broadest possible audience understand and engage with the world’s great art while honoring the highest aesthetic, intellectual, and professional standards.” The museum’s existence is owed to several industrialists by the names of Hinman B. Hurlbut, John Huntington, and Horace Kelley who all invested together for the sole purpose of building an art museum.

The building itself is a neoclassical architectural style made from white Georgian Marble. It was built for a cost of 1.25 million when the museum opened in 1916, and was built north of the Wade Lagoon which is now the location of the city’s Fine Arts Garden.

The current exhibitions at the museum represent the wide variety of work on display. Everything from Islamic Textiles, to photographic constructions of identity, to musical drawing and prints. The museum has international respect, and for good reason. Be sure to book a hotel nearby, some examples are below:

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum

Yet another massively renowned museum rests in the state of Ohio: The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. This museum has a simple mission statement: “To engage, teach, and inspire through the power of rock and roll.” The museum is known for featuring some of the most instrumental items, instruments, clothing, and music that defined this genre of music.

The story of the museum began in 1983 with the Atlantic Records Founder and Chairman, Ahmet Ertegun who, with several others, pitched the idea of starting an organization that recognized the people who helped create the genre of rock and roll. In 1986, the first awards were given and Cleveland was selected as the home of the hall and the museum.

The building that houses the museum is visually striking, and the exhibits themselves are both interactive and stylized. Everything from costumes, to instruments are displayed in the museum’s collection. The building is set on the shores of Lake Erie and was designed by architect I.M. Pei. Inside are 65,000 square feet of exhibition space, offices, a gift shop, and a cafe.

Here are some ideal places to stay when you book your trip to this one-of-a-kind museum:

Hocking Hills State Park

This national park is a great way to see some breathtaking vistas and learn about the history of Ohio dating far back from when it was called by that name. There are six main areas to the park’s complex, and each one showcases the Black Hand Sandstone that was deposited over 360 million years ago when Ohio was covered in a shallow sea.

The park offers both camping and cottages for people who wish to stay on the premises. There is a swimming pool, volleyball courts, and both electric and non-electric sites to reserve. The park has picnic areas and various shelters and caves to explore as well.

Fishing, archery, special events, and a gift shop round out the options for this beautiful slice of nature. If you’re looking to visit, but prefer the creature comforts of a hotel room, here are some great options:

Amish Country (Central Ohio)

The simple and dedicated life of the Amish is one that should be experienced by everyone and Ohio has the largest Amish community in the world. Vacations, lodgings, and attractions are offered to show people who these people live without the comforts of technology and make everything with their own two hands.

You can enjoy their handcrafted foods and ride in a horse drawn buggy to get around during your stay. There are various tours offered throughout the week including a tour of the Amish life that includes a buddy ride, tours of two homes, a school tour, and a meal inside an Amish home.

You can purchase all kinds of handmade products like cheeses, quilts, jams, jellies, and much more. All of these things were of course made using non-electrical methods. If you plan to stay in a more familiar setting, consider these accommodations:

LeVeque Tower

This iconic tower has been a major part of Columbus’ skyline, and the tallest building in the city from 1927 to 1973. The building to surpass it was the Rhodes State Office Tower on East Broad Street. Even so, this American Insurance Union building has housed the successful company until their bankruptcy during The Great Depression.

Today it is owned by Finsilver/Friedman Management which is a Michigan based developer and property manager. In 1975 the building was added to the National Register of Historic Places. The building is 555.5 feet tall with the intention of being taller than the Washington Monument.

The exterior design of the building is truly unique, with figures of mythological people, eagles, symbols, and other elements of the original owner’s organization. There is a pair of terracotta eagles at the main entrance with a wingspan of 25 feet each. Another unique aspect of the tower is a bronze plaque in the floor of the lobby that showcases the tower’s horoscope and the positions of the planets when construction began.

When planning your trip to view this historic part of the Columbus skyline, consider these hotels as options for your accommodations:

The Pro Football Hall of Fame

This widely known museum and place of recognition opened on September 7th, 1963 in Canton, Ohio. Since then, it has expanded several times until it reached its current size of over 118,000 square feet.  The museum is open daily from 9 A.M. to 5 P.M. and is only closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas day.

During the summer, the hours are extended to 8 P.M. as well. The admission rates are all affordable, with adults only being $24.00 and children over the age of six $17.00. Any child under the age of five is free to bring along. a two-day pass is offered as well, in addition to a discounted pass that covers entrance into both this museum and into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Discounts are offered for AAA members and for military veterans.

The museum exclusively hosts guided tours that are run by volunteers. The Pro Football Hall of Fame website suggests that you set aside three to four hours for your tour. Pictures and video are permitted everywhere in the museum, except for the Superbowl Theatre.

Here are some recommended hotels to stay at when you decide to book your trip:

Cleveland Botanical Garden

This is one of the most popular tourist stops in Ohio because there’s something for everyone. There are several areas to explore, and over 20 different gardens that bring you exotic planets from around the world. There is truly something here for every age and every member of your family.

Take for example the Eleanor Armstrong Smith Glasshouse which houses both a rainforest and desert biome section. For the children, the Hershey Children’s Garden is sure to delight and for couples there are serene boardwalks leading through breathtaking sites.

The garden’s admission fees are also very reasonable, with adults only costing $11.00 per ticket and children $6.00 per. The garden is also a popular location for weddings and receptions. Photographs are allowed and encouraged, provided the other guests are not disturbed and the photos are for personal use.

Consider these local hotels when planning your trip:

Cincinnati Zoo

A great zoo is one that engages visitors and provides educational encounters with a variety of animals. The Cincinnati Zoo is a prime example of this kind of quality. For starters, the zoo hosts a number of shows each day ranging from a “Penguin Parade” to more seasonal exhibitions like the “Cheetah Encounter Show in the spring of each year.”

The selection of areas and exhibits is incredible. Everything from the Elephant Reserve, to the Reptile House, the Rhino Reserve, the World of the Insect, and plenty more. The best time to visit this attraction is in the spring and summer since many of the shows, rides, and attractions close down during the winter months for maintenance.

Group discounts are offered and ticket prices fluctuate depending on the season. During the winter months, prices are only $8.00 for adults for example. Even so, we recommend visiting during the spring or summer for maximum options.

Don’t forget these local hotels when planning your trip:

Lake Erie

The shores and islands of Lake Erie is practically a required stop for anyone visiting Ohio. This Great Lake and its surrounding shores are host to a massive number of attractions and activities. There are several days’ worth of activities here for you to enjoy easily.

Everything from water power jetpacks, to a African wildlife park, to airboat rides, lighthouses, beaches, fishing, dining, and so much more. In fact, there’s so much to do that the official website allows you to create and save an itinerary so you can wrap your head around the sheer number of options.

Consider these hotels when planning your trip, and be sure to create an itinerary so you don’t miss anything!

Who Knew Ohio had so Much to Offer?

Few states can boast such an amazing list of attractions and museums than this one. As you can see, there is a wealth of things to do in Ohio to keep you busy and excited throughout the course of your adventure into this state. Thanks as always for reading and enjoy your trip!

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