How to Use Trippy to Plan Your Road Trip

Need help planning your next road trip?

Trippy has the tools to help you plan your trip, not just from Point A to Point B. You’ll also get suggestions on pet-friendly hotels, where to stop, driving time, users’ restaurant suggestions, and so much more. We even have a list of RV parks and campgrounds for road trippers traveling by RV.

Here’s how to use Trippy to help you plan your road trip:

1. Starting city and destination

Click on the “hamburger icon” at the upper left-hand corner, and it will open up a side menu. Click on "plan a road trip" and enter your starting city and destination. We chose Jacksonville to Mt Rushmore.

2. Number of days from Point A to Point B and suggested stops

Once you enter the starting city and destination, you will be taken to the next page where you can choose the number of days you plan to drive from Point A to Point B. These are days you will be driving. It doesn’t consider the number of days you plan to stay at one of the stopovers.

In this example, we clicked on the “days” tab and chose five days.

Scroll down for the sample itinerary. You can customize your trip by clicking on the “customize this trip” tab on the right side on top of the Day 1 box.

In this example, the sample itinerary shows the departure from Jacksonville at 11 am and a stopover at Jackson (Georgia) after a 5-hour drive. But we want to leave at 10 am.

To customize this trip, we click on the “customize this trip” tab, and an edit button will appear. Click on the edit button, change the departure time to 10 am, and hit “SAVE.”


Another change we will make is to remove the overnight stopover in Jackson. We prefer to drive for at least 9 hours on the first day and have a two-night stopover in Nashville. To do so, either click on the “don’t stay overnight” or “remove this stop” buttons.

Once you’ve changed that, the sample itinerary will show an hour stopover in Jackson and an overnight stop in Nashville.

You can do the same for the other days as well.

3. Pets or no pets

Driving with a pet can be a problem if you don’t have a list of pet-friendly hotels prior to hitting the road. To get a list of suggested pet-friendly hotels, click on the “pets” or “no pets” tab.

Scroll down to find a list of pet-friendly stops along the way, pet-friendly restaurants, and pet-friendly hotels.

In this example, there are five pet-friendly hotels listed in St Louis, one of the suggested stopovers in this sample itinerary.

4. RV or not RV

Those traveling on an RV can click on the “RV” tab for information on RV parks and campgrounds.

Scroll down for a list of RV parks and campgrounds with links to the nearest campground locations, phone numbers, park details, links to the websites and reviews from guests. In this sample, one of our overnight stopovers is in Nashville, and there are four campgrounds listed:

Take a look at all four of these facilities and if you want to stopover in Nashville with your RV, give the campsite a call to reserve your spot. These days it is advisable to reserve in advance.

5. Places to stay

For those not traveling on an RV, make sure the tab is moved to “no RV.” You can always search for your preferred hotels if you don’t want to stay at the suggested hotel in the sample itinerary. Just click on the “stay” tab on top of the page and start exploring places to stay.


We recommend you check out the hotels recommended by Trippy users.

And if you have a question about a destination, log on to Trippy, and post your question. Sign up as a user using your Facebook account if you are not a user yet.

6. Suggested restaurants

Apart from a sample itinerary, Trippy also features a list of restaurants posted by members. Take a look at a list of restaurants recommended by Trippy members. In this example, St Louis is listed as one of the stops. We scrolled down the page to look for recommendations for St Louis, click on “Great lunch places in St Louis,” and found more than ten places for lunch in St. Louis suggested by locals and people who have been to St Louis.

7. Things to Do at the destination

Check out a list of things to do on the sample itinerary page or click on the blue tab. For this example, we click on “Find Q&A near Mt. Rushmore”. You can always post your question if you can’t find the answers you’re looking for.

8. At a glance

Take a look at the driving time, driving distance, and suggested stops at the “At the glance” section on the right side of the page.

Trippy also provides driving directions and a detailed map on the sample itinerary page. Just click on the “get driving direction” link if you need driving directions.

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