10 Best Places to Vacation with your Dog

Your dog doesn’t have to be stuck in a kennel or with a sitter when you go on a vacation. It’s now easier than ever to bring your dog with you.

Before heading out for her road trip, Jill from Minneapolis, a dog owner, wanted recommendations from Trippy’s community. Her question:
Where is your favorite place in the US to vacation with your dog? Looking for dog-friendly towns, outdoor activities you can share with your dog, etc.

These are the 10 best places that will welcome you and your dog on your next vacation.

1. San Francisco

Trippy user Debbie said:
I'm going to have to say San Francisco and the whole Bay Area in general. People love their dogs here! My favorite place to see pooches isn't actually in the city proper, but in the suburbs in Richmond (California) (about a 20-minute drive away) at Point Isabel Dog Park. It's pretty much the coolest dog park ever. This is going to sound weird, but.... I don't actually have a dog (someday!), but I love dogs, so I just go there to play with other people's dogs. One time I told this to a friend, and he said, "People are okay with that?", "Yeah, totally!" "Are you sure they aren't creepy guys just trying to pick up girls at the dog park?", "There are lots of families and couples there, too, and if anyone's creepy, well... I'm probably the creepy one," Ya know, at the dog park without a dog and all. The people there are so nice and the dogs there are SUPER happy. It's on the water, and there's only one road to get there. When you see cars with pooches in it approaching the park, you'll tails and tongues extra wagging because they know they're about to go to ~*somewhere amazing*~.

Some bars allow dogs too, according to San Francisco Travel, and here is a list of 12 dog-friendly bars:

Holly Water
The Homestead
The Ave
The Broken Record
Casanova Lounge
Dog’s Clock
Hemlock Tavern
The Riptide
The Pour House

2. Savannah

Georgia from Minneapolis wrote:
We took my mom’s little Maltese to Savannah, thinking we’d have to leave him in the hotel most of the time and come back in shifts to take care of him, but we ended bringing him just about everywhere with us because the city was so welcoming to dogs. We were shocked by how many places we were allowed to take him. Bonaventure Cemetery lets you take your dog in as long as they are on a leash, which really surprised us. You’re also allowed to take your dog into any of the city’s famous public squares and parks, which was great because Forsyth Park was one of our favorite places to hang out, and the dog loved it.

One of the big attractions of Savannah is its walking tours, and there’s even one for dogs, which we couldn’t believe. It’s called Oliver Bentleys (which is also a dog food company that’s located in the city), and it starts from Wright Square and takes you all over the city. Just make sure your dog is a good walker--we had to leave a bit early because ours isn't. If you want a good Savannah restaurant to take your dog to, check out The Olde Pink House. They have a cute little outside area that’s perfect for dogs. It’s an excellent place for a splurge dinner because you can take your time without worrying about getting back to the hotel to check on your dog.

3. Fort Collins

Ross from Fort Collins shared:
My wife and I never go out without our dog ( Burt Reynolds ); the dog park in town has a man-made pond and dock for your dog to run and jump into. And going to the old town with your dog is great! We have our favorite dog store that we always go to, and Burt gets his favorite, peanut butter, and bacon ice cream!!

Fort Collins’ official tourism website has a suggested pet-friendly itinerary, including a list of pet-friendly hotels, dog-friendly parks, dog-friendly breweries, markets, and restaurants. Check it out.

4. Santa Barbara

Hannah from Milwaukee said:
Hand's down; I would say, Santa Barbara. There are endless outdoor cafes (The Andersen's is incredible) and tons of places to let your pup run off-leash if they want to. Aside from all that, though, there's a fantastic dog-friendly beach called Hendry's Beach that is absolutely amazing. First of all, they have on- and off-leash sections, which is great because I don't love having my little dog around other dogs who are off-leash, but even better than that--they have a little station where you can give your dog a little bath before they go home! Obviously, I've most beaches have a little shower head where you can get the sand off your feet, but I'd never seen a doggie bath before.

Also, if you go up the coast, Waller Park is a GREAT dog park with tons of open space--I'd check it out even without my dog.

Trippy user Haleigh suggested these places to stay, eat and have fun in Santa Barbara:
The Four Seasons Resort The Biltmore Santa Barbara and San Ysidro Ranch or the best places to stay, eat, and lounge. In the "Funk Zone," there is the most fantastic restaurant for dinner called The Lark - Santa Barbara that is a must-try. If you want to explore on foot, take a walk around downtown. Not far away is the La Purisima Mission State Historic Park and Mission Rose Garden, which are a beautiful place to picnic and see some of our local history. Of course, when in Santa Barbara, you must try the famous La Super-Rica Taqueria, which was Julia's Child's favorite restaurant in the whole world. It doesn't look like much, but the little shack on Milpas is THE PLACE to get the best Mexican food of your whole life!

San Ysidro Ranch, located in the Montecito foothills, is pet-friendly and is a great home away from home for you and your dog.

5. Austin

Austin is a pet-friendly city, and your four-legged friend will find it a welcoming place to visit. When in Austin, you and your dog will not just be cooped up in a hotel. There are many parks to explore, including Lady Bird Lake, Shoal Creek Greenbelt, Red Bud Isle Dog Park, Walnut Creek Metropolitan Park, and Turkey Creek Trail. In some of these parks, you can let your dogs run free without a leash.

5. Carmel by the Sea

Courtney from LA wrote:
I would definitely say Carmel By the Sea is one of the easiest places on the planet to take a dog. Every store has a water dish outside it, they can run on the beach, and there are plenty of restaurants that have sections for people with dogs. Plus, it's just one of the best towns on the planet, I think.

Bring your dog to Mission Trails Park, a 37-acre nature preserve where your dog can go off-leash. There’s a 5-mile trail that passes through pine and redwood trees and is accessible year-round. For more inspiration and tips on vacationing with your dog, check out Carmel by the Sea’s official tourism site, where you can find a list of dog-friendly hotels, restaurants, and beaches.

6. Portsmouth, NH

Krista from San Francisco recommended Portsmouth (New Hampshire), if you like quaint coastal towns. She wrote:
This quaint, coastal town offers beautiful views and great dining, with some fascinating history. Visit Prescott Park, Seacoast Repertory Theatre, Isles of Shoals Steamship Company (great, short cruises), and Peirce Island. For food, I recommend Poco's Bow Street Cantina and Brass Monkey. Breaking New Grounds is an excellent coffee shop - their iced coconut coffee is the best!

The beaches in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, will let your dog splash in the waves, and some may even let you unleash your dog at the beach. According to New Hampshire magazine, Foss Beach, Seabrook Beach, and Great Island Common are dog-friendly beaches.

There are plenty of parks for your dog to run around too. The list includes Hudson Dog Park at Benson Park, Live Free, Run Dog Park, and Derry Dog Park.

7. Richmond, VA

Richmond, the capital of Virginia, is for dog lovers too. Bring your dog for hiking at Pocahantas State Park, Henricus Historical Park, and Dutch Gap. If you don’t want to venture far, just have a short stroll at the dog-friendly Dorey Park, Barker Field at Byrd Park, and Ruff House Dog Park at Rockwood Park.

Richmond’s Ammo Brewing, 526 Grille, Bottoms Up and Sweet Shop Donut Cafe are some of the restaurants and cafes to stop by for a cup of coffee, dessert, or a meal.

8. Telluride

Regan from Brooklyn traveled with her dog to Telluride. She wrote:
I travel with my dog a lot, and Telluride Co and Baja Mexico are both super friendly towards dogs. There are digs everywhere in Telluride, they allow them on the Gondola to go up the mountain, and they even have poop bag dispensers on every corner in town. Lots of great hikes and places to take your dog to eat outside.

Take your dog to Telluride Town Park, Gondola Plaza, and Riverwalk by San Miguel River for a walk or head over to the mountain trails for hikes and enjoy nature. Some gondolas are dog-friendly - take it from Telluride town center to the Mountain Village and enjoy the mountain views with your four-legged friend.

If you’re going skiing, check out the dog-friendly resorts like Mountain Lodge at Telluride and Peaks Resort and Spa.

9. Tampa

Stephen from Florida wrote:
The answer to this depends upon the age, breed, and size of the dog. My Black Lab and Australian Sheep Dog, which are on the medium size and fairly young, love to run and get into the water. Any chance for them to get their energy out is excellent. Since I live in Florida, and it is hot year-round. Any dog park with lots of water, beach, trail, or wide-open area is great for them or even the mountains. My little Jack Russel Terrier is hyper and all over the place. The mountains would not do for him. My dachshund is on the old side and is a bit overweight. So just lounging around the house with a special treat and away from the other dogs is perfectly fine for her.

Tampa is Florida’s most dog-friendly destination. Take your dog on Al Lopez Park Trail for a short hike, or go to several of the pup playgrounds in the city. Namely, Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park, Water Works Park, and Julian B Lane Riverfront Park. For a list of dog-friendly restaurants and hotels, please read Visit Tampa’s Tampa Bay Goes to the Dogs.

10. Salt Lake City

Jim from Sandy, Utah shared:
Strangely I would say the Salt Lake City area. This town(s) is covered with dog parks, dog-friendly businesses, etc.. Still, the real reason is that Yellowstone National Park, Bryce Canyon National Park, Arches National Park, and several other National and State Parks are short drives (approximately 5 hours) from here and are also all dog friendly. However, depending on the type of dog, you might need a bear report before leaving.

You can quickly get to the Mighty Five National Parks in Utah from Salt Lake City, but there are restrictions, according to Visit Utah.

Read Traveling with Dogs: The Mighty Five and read Tips for the Best Road Trip Through the Mighty Five National Parks.

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