Things to Do in Indiana: Attractions and More!

No matter where you go in the world, every state, city, and town has something to offer for those who are visiting. It could be a state park, a historic monument, or a local landmark. When you’re planning a trip to the heart of the United States, be sure to consult this guide chock full of fun things to do in Indiana.

This state is home to a myriad of different attractions, sights, and plenty more. Join us as we explore these unique locations and offer you some options for great hotels to stay in during your vacation to Indiana.

10 of The Best Sights and Attractions in Indiana

The Indianapolis Zoo

Most zoos offer a variety of wildlife and maybe some shows, but that’s usually the extent of it. The Indianapolis Zoo is something special though. Beyond a vast array of animals and activities such as the Animal Art Adventure where an artist creates a custom painting to take home with you, there’s even more.

There’s also the unique Dolphin In-Water Adventure where you can have a supervised encounter with real life dolphins. Finally, the zoo’s White River Gardens provides you with a Conservatory Show that teaches children and adults alike about the importance of conserving the environments of planet Earth.

The standard prices for admission (which are subject to change) are usually very reasonable around $8 for adults and $6 for children. When planning your stay, consider these hotels because this is one of the best things to do in Indianapolis.

These are the best places to stay in Indianapolis:

Indianapolis Motor Speedway

For fans of Nascar or high speed racing, this is one of the best locations to visit and it just so happens to be in the heart of Indiana. When visiting this racing fan’s dream, you can also join the Indy Racing Experience Driving Program. Taking advantage of this great opportunity allows you to get some real hands-on time with an IndyCar.

After you satisfy your need for speed as it were, be sure to check out the Hall of Fame Museum to view unique and interesting items from the history of racing. Photos from past races, car displays, and plenty more await you in this slice of racing history.

Race day tickets usually run around $30 to $40. In comparison, the museum tickets are usually under $10 for both children and adults. When you’re planning a stay here to visit this piece of racing history, consider these local hotels:

Indianapolis Children’s Museum

From the moment you arrive at this iconic museum, you and your young ones will be blown away by the massive dinosaur statues outside. Check out the Jurassic Era exhibit and let them learn about ancient dinosaurs in what the museum calls the Dinosphere Exhibit.

The SpaceQuest exhibit offers exciting shows and educational programs around the planets and the stars. Finally, the ScienceWorks exhibit allows for some hands-on experience conducting experiments.

The tickets hover around $18 to $20 for entry and allow you to experience all five floors of the museum. You can purchase tickets online in advance as well. Here are some top rated hotels to consider when planning your stay:

Holiday World & Splashin Safari

This park is very exciting for the reason that it offers multiple types of attractions in the same area. Holiday world for example offers you adrenaline fueled rollercoasters and pulse-pounding adventures. With names like Liberty Launch, the Raging Rapids, and the Scarecrow scrambler, how can you possibly go wrong?

In addition to all of these exciting rides, there is also a water park with its own rides, pools, and slides. Known as Splashin Safari, it’s contained within the same park as Holiday World. Two for the price of one is always a good thing!

The official website has advice on when to visit that offers you the best wait times and the best ways to avoid the crowds. As you plan for this trip, consider some of these highly rated hotels to accommodate you as you experience one of the most fun things to do in Huntingburg, Indiana.

Indiana Dunes State Park

Like most state parks, this one also offers unique and natural sites that create breathtaking vistas and exciting opportunities to experience a location like none other. From biking, to hiking, to other activities that are perfect for your family, this is the place to be if you want to get away from everything and just enjoy some quiet time away from the city life.

You can reserve campsites online if you want to really become one with nature, and take advantage of special offers through the state park’s website. Be sure to check out these hotels when booking your stay in the city of Chesterton, Indiana:

White River State Park

This state park has over 250-acres for you to explore. As one of the most important locations in Indiana, we highly recommend you and yours check out this phenomenal place. You can sign up for a Segway tour or you can rent a Wheel Fun to explore the park yourself.

There is a also a Congressional Medal of Honor memorial within the park where you can pay your respects to fallen soldiers. In addition, there is a local IMAX theatre and several museums for you to enjoy. Since you’re going to need some time to explore everything, be sure to check out these hotels as viable options for your stay:

Lucas Oil Stadium

Another classic location awaits in the form of the Lucas Oil Stadium. As the home field for the Indianapolis Colts, this stadium’s technology and innovation will wow any and all football fans who come to visit. Some major events here include the Super Bowl XLVI and the home of the Big Ten Football Championship.

This stadium is also the final location of the NCAA finals and it’s is where several other major events occurred. There behind the scenes tours available as well for visitors to get a closer look at the various areas of the stadium. The website offers plenty of information about ticketing and upcoming events as well.

This massive landmark is sure to impress anyone who visits, so be sure to look into these local hotels as you book your stay and look for things to do in Indianapolis.

Soldiers and Sailors Monument

As one of the most widely known monuments in America, you would be remiss to leave this out of your itinerary. It serves as the official memorial for the Hoosiers who served in the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812, the Mexican War, the Civil War, the Frontier Wars, and the Spanish-American War.

The monument itself is made from gray oolitic limestone from the Romona quarries of Owen County. The height is 284 feet which is just 15 feet shorter than the Statue of Liberty. The cost of construction was $598,318 in 1902, but today it would have cost five hundred million dollars to build.

Beyond the main monument there are several other works of art build into the monument and placed around the grounds including four statues placed at the cornerstones of the monument. The local Civil War museum and gift shop round out the experience, but you may want to take a few days to soak it all in.

Consider these local hotels when planning your stay:

Indianapolis Museum of Art

The simple fact that this is one of the 10 largest art museums in the country makes it a must-see place to visit. With over 54,000 pieces of art, there’s truly something for everyone here. The museum has a wide variety of activities surrounding films, theatre, and music. There are workshops and guided tours on offer as well.

General admission is going to be around $18 going forward, but the amount of things to see and do will far outweigh the cost for any art fans coming to visit. Here are some great hotels to consider when you’re planning the trip:

Amish Acres

The dedication and uniqueness of the Amish culture is an important thing to witness. The simpler lifestyle they lead may be difficult, but it results in kind and hardworking individuals. For a slice of this lifestyle, you can check out a guided tour of the Nissley-Kuhns farmstead.

An Amish Horse and Buggy Ride will have you forgetting about the pleasantries of a car ride for a peaceful moment as you make your way to the craft demonstrations that the area offers. Learn to bake bread and quilts with nothing but your hands and some help from the experts.

There are multiple packages and offers to choose from that allow you to see as much of the homestead as you would like. Remember to look for great deals at some of these hotels:

Your Trip into The American Heartland Awaits!

With so many things to do in Indiana, you’ll need several days’ worth of accommodations to see it all. Nothing wrong with that though, so plan your trip today and remember check out these must-see sights while you’re there!

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