Summer brings an exciting series of things to do, and ice cream sits at the top of the list.

What’s better than ice cream on a hot summer day? A vacation in Europe and visiting some of the best ice cream shops in Europe. Whether you’re looking for a historical and timeless or a comfy and elegant place, here are seven to try:

1. Luculus, Bratislava

Bratislava, the largest city and capital of Slovakia is located on the Danube River, and on the foothills of the Little Carpathian Mountains. This often overlooked city in Europe is only a 15-minute drive from Austria and Hungary and about a 45-minute drive from the Czech Republic.

The locals love their ice cream, and there are many ice cream shops in the city. One of the best places to have yours is at Luculus, a cafe in the Hviezdoslav Square. There is usually a line outside the shop, but it’s worth the wait. If the weather is nice, grab a seat outdoors and enjoy your ice cream.

2. Giolitti, Rome

In a 1983 New York Times article, Cold Comfort in Rome, Paul Hofmann wrote:

When gelato first appeared toward the end of the Renaissance, physicians warned that the cold, sweet delight was most harmful. The experience of more than three centuries has proved that ice cream is not sinister; only, it contains a lot of calories.

Calories or no calories, no trip to Rome is complete without a visit to a gelato shop for the “cold comfort” of Rome. One place to do so is at the historic Giolitti. Giolitti has a few shops in Rome but check out the original Giolitti on Via del Vicario, near Pantheon. It has been around since 1900.

Giolitti Roma dal 1900, Old Ice Cream and Pastry Shop since 1900

3. Santini, Cascais

Santini has a few locations in Portugal but for a completely gratifying experience, head over to the shop in Cascais. Cascais is a beach town only a 30-minute train ride from Lisbon. Enjoy a day at the beach and end it with a double scoop of ice cream at Santini.

Started by Italian immigrant Attilio Santini, Santini’s handmade and 100% natural ice cream is said to be better than those served in Italy.

4. Murphy’s Ice Cream, Dublin

Established in Dingle, Murphy’s Ice Cream is Dublin’s  relaxing place to go to after a day of sightseeing or museum visits. Try the different flavors before you commit to getting your very own scoops of ice cream.

You’ll also want to try Dingle gin and Irish coffee (with whiskey), probably the only place you get to taste an ice cream made with whiskey.

5. Raimo, Paris

You’ll find pastry shops and vendors selling sweet temptations like crepes. But nothing beats the refreshing scoops of flavorful ice cream.

Check out one of the oldest ice cream shops in the city. Raimo has three locations in Paris; the oldest is on 12th Arrondissement. Established since 1947, this landmark ice cream shop on Boulevard Reuilly offers over 120 flavors of ice cream and 40 flavors of fruity sorbet.

There are 70 seats in Raimo. Guests can choose to sit on the terrace or in the garden.

6. Udderlicious, London

Want ice cream that is made from organic milk and is vegetarian-friendly? Get it at Udderlicious, either at Islington or Covent Garden. The first shop is located on Upper Street, in the heart of Islington, one of the best places to eat in London. It’s away from all the tourist hotspots and a chance for you to enjoy good ice cream and experience the local lifestyle.

The folks at Udderlicious put care into creating all things natural.

7. Artigiana Gelati, Budapest

Budapest, the city by the Danube River, boasts of incredible sights and thermal baths. In recent years, many ice cream shops have been sprouting up in the city but tucked into the Buda side of the city. And sitting on Csaba Street is the almost 30-year-old Artigiana Gelati.

Artigiana Gelati offers a variety – over 20 flavors including pistachio, spicy cherry, and marzipan chocolate.

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