What city should you visit next?

To help you choose your next destination, we’ve sought out answers from Trippy users. One curious Trippy user asked: What are the five best cities you’ve ever been to and why? 

The answers show the top three cities were Paris, New York City and London, followed by 22 others. Take a look:

1. Paris

What is there not to like about Paris? It has cafés, wine, food, and the Eiffel Tower. The recent terrorist attacks did not slow down the flow of tourists to The City of Light (La Ville Lumière).

Trippy users listed these 5 reasons why they liked Paris and why they chose Paris as their number one city to visit:

  • The cafes
  • A city of love and beauty
  • The art and museums
  • French food and cheese
  • The river cruise

Julie Rothwell an American expat living in Milan, Italy chose Paris as her top destination. In her own words:

It IS like the movies whenever I go. I usually go alone and on a budget. You don’t need much. Sit at a cafe and people watch. Buy cheese wine and bread and sit by Eiffel tower. Again a touristic city that is easy to get lost in (in a good way) and easy to escape crowds. Plus, don’t listen to stereotypes of the French or Parisians…..discover your own impression.

2. New York City

When it was time to put down roots after traveling for two years, my husband and I chose New York City. Here are 5 reasons why NYC should be in your list of cities to visit:

  • Food – from all over the world
  • Entertainment – from Broadway to opera to street performances
  • Nightlife – plenty of choices in every neighborhood in the city
  • Shopping – caters to everyone from flea markets to exclusive boutiques
  • World class museums and artwork

Jeyme Bolck from Australia named New York City as her favorite destination. She said:

I love this place because you can spend 2 weeks here and still only just scratch the surface. Anyone who says they don’t like New York didn’t do enough of New York.

Sos Mattsson from Brisbane Australia echoed:

C’mon. It’s awesome! Love the sports scene, galleries & foodie spots. So good!

3. London

Trippy user Stella Romroll from Mauritius said:

This one was a given. London HAD to make it on my list. One of the most incredible cities on the planet! It has anything and everything! The best of the best, la crème de la crème! The best restaurants, the best designers, the best museums, the best theatres, well the best of everything literally! London is a must-see and must-go. Spending 3 weeks in London was not enough for me to see everything. I firmly believe that you’ll never ever be bored if you’re in London. London is calling! Better answer 😉

To me, London is like New York City, plus some more rain, palaces, and red double decker buses. London is a great city to visit because of:

  • Top museums in the world (most of them do not charge admission fees)
  • Amazing afternoon tea
  • The city to watch the English Premier League football (soccer) game
  • Eat pub food and drink great beer in the thousands of pubs
  • The palaces

4. Rome

Known as The Eternal City, Rome controlled Europe, and parts of Africa and Asia 2,000 years ago. Today, Rome is a city rich in history and culture. Rome attracts millions of tourists every year because of 5 of these iconic sites:

  • Colosseum
  • Roman Forum
  • Trevi Fountain
  • Vatican City and Sistine Chapel (Vatican City is a country located within Rome)
  • Pantheon

Steve Shallenberger wrote:

Rome is so full of history. It is everywhere you look in this city. The Vatican is there, Osteria Antica (a old settlement similar to Pompeii, but less visited). It is a interesting city to wander. Great food, coffee & gelato. There are catacombs, the ancient aqueducts, the ancient road, which cars still drive on. Pretty amazing place.

When in Rome, experience La Dolce Vita (The Sweet Life) on Via Veneto. Visit the squares, historic hotels, cafes, restaurants, shops and more along this famous street. Start your walk from Piazza Barberini and end it at Villa Borghese.

5. San Francisco

Edward Summanen from Stockholm had these reasons for why he likes San Francisco:

…because of the cute houses, Golden Gate Park, the beaches, the goth scene, the thrift shops & book shops, the vast LGBTQ-community, the air of “we can change this world to the better” AND the amazing food. I simply loved everything about this city.

I couldn’t agree more with his reasons. Here are 5 more:

  • The unique crookedest road in the world – Lombard Street
  • The historic cable cars
  • Close to California wine country.
  • Best balance of natural and man-made beauty of any city that I’ve visited. (said Thomas Dorsey from Baltimore)
  • Foodie heaven

6. Istanbul

These are Julie’s descriptions of Istanbul:

East meets West, it is true. Colors, spices, smells, traffic- it is my kind of city. A mix of architecture along the Bosphorus and green space to drink your tea. Plus the Turks’ love of Atatürk is really inspiring.

Unfortunately, Istanbul has its share of problems. US travelers should heed the warnings posted by the U.S. Department of State prior to planning a trip. This is the most recent warning for travelers visiting Turkey:

U.S. citizens should avoid travel to southeast Turkey and carefully consider the risks of travel to and throughout the country.

When in Istanbul don’t forget to:

  • Cruise the Bosphorus
  • Visit Hagia Sophia
  • Shop in Grand Bazaar with more than 5,000 stalls
  • Check out the Spice Market
  • Relax in a traditional hammam (Turkish bath and spa)

7. Prague

Once dubbed the ‘undiscovered city’, Prague is now one of the top 10 most-visited cities in Europe. Bruce Shulman, a Trippy user wrote:

It’s a museum of architecture from Gothic and Rococo to an ultra modern Frank Gehery masterpiece. And the omnipresent music isn’t exactly bad either.

Things to do in Prague:

  • Drink beer
  • Stroll on Charles Bridge
  • Visit Prague Castle
  • Tour Prague Old Town
  • Visit Powder Gate

8. Barcelona

Laura Weber from Buenos Aires thinks Barcelona is one of the best cities to visit. She said:

It may be the perfect city for me with it’s combination of history, great architecture, art, a beautiful sea and a bright sky. It’s also irreverent and really fun.

While in Barcelona check out:

  • Sagrada Familia – a Gaudi-designed church
  • The beaches
  • Gothic quarter
  • The museums
  • La Boqueria market

9. Rio de Janeiro

This is what Trippy user, Laura Weber said about Rio de Janeiro:

I’d go there every year if I could. Brazil is a wonderful country, full of life and music, and Rio is it’s best expression. I don’t think many other cities can offer such a beautiful landscape and such a vibrant spirit.

Christ the Redeemer in Rio

Christ the Redeemer in Rio

When in Rio, these are the food you must try:

  • Eating feijoada (Brazil’s most famous dish) in a local hangout
  • All-you-can-eat meat at a churrascaria (Brazilian barbecue restaurant)
  • Pastries at Confeitaria Colombo
  • Brigadeiros (chocolate truffles)
  • Shrimp moqueca

10. Amsterdam

Lola G from Ireland wrote:

Amsterdam is so fabulous with it’s canals and narrow streets. I just spend a day on my way to Ireland but I am planning on going back for a few weeks visit.

Art lovers and history lovers will love exploring the following places:

  • Rijksmuseum
  • Stedelijk museum
  • Van Gogh Museum
  • Ann Frank House
  • Canal boat ride to discover the history, culture and sights of Amsterdam

11. Vienna

Kristal Sajasi, a Trippy member added Vienna to her list. She found Vienna to be:

…the easiest city to navigate. Clean, organized and friendly. Lots of young people, the city itself has a lot of energy and it’s a great place to visit!

Mollie Crossley asked: What are the 5 things you have to do when visiting Vienna?

Here is the answer from Babak Hosseinzadeh from Tehran:

1) Schönbrunn Palace
2) Hofburg Palace
3) Stephansdom
4) Experience opera at Stadt Opera
5) Take Ringstrasse around the city center to see a number of great landmark Vienna has to offer
6) Go to Brezlgwölb for an authentic meal
7) go to Figlmüller GmbH for an awesome schnitzel

12. Sydney

If you are looking for ‘chill out things to do in Sydney check out this answer from Wilfried Schaffner:

Besides the fantastic Bondi to Coogee walk, which was mentioned a few times already and is an absolutely must, there is also an amazing walk along the harbour, which is much less crowded and definitely as amazing:

Take a bus from Wynyard to Spit Rd and then walk along the coast line to Manly Beach. You will have an breathtaking few, aboriginal carvings and fantastic harbour bays along the way.

The walk goes for around 10 km through absolut nature, so make sure to carry plenty of water with you and to apply sun screen. The duration will be approx. 4-5 hours.

If you want to get more information, there is a leaflet available from the tourist information which is called “Go Walkabout”.

13. Hong Kong

Shahil Juggernath from Durban is among those who loved Hong Kong. He said:

There is this buzz brought about by people from every corner of the globe making their living in these buildings that are higher than one could imagine. Yet, in this intense bit of busy, there are still places you can find quiet and solitude. Cute coffee shops or modern boutiques. Or just go right to the top and look out on the city. It made me feel. It made me realise how great we are as a species.

hong kong

14. Bangkok

Trippy user Stella Ramloll wrote:

I’m not really a city girl but the warm welcome of the Thai people and their amazing culture definitely got me hooked. The country is poor but beautiful. They have great technology, incredible and cheap shopping, food to die for, temples and other beautiful places of worship that are worth the detour. One of my favourite places in the world!

Bangkok was voted the world’s most popular city in 2016, according to Mastercard’s seventh annual Global Destinations Cities Index.

Douglas Norris from Cleveland:

It’s like a polite New York city. It’s history, colors with flowers and shrines everywhere are breathtaking. It’s malls are as contemporary as any in the world and it’s people are the most friendly and courteous that I have met anywhere in the world.

15. Vancouver

Trippy user, Bruce Shulman thinks Vancouver is:

Even prettier than San Francisco, with wonderful parks, cultural diversity and one of the best markets (Granville Island) which makes Seattle’s Pike Place Market look like the dump it really is.

16. Buenos Aires

Tom Contos’ lengthy write up about Buenos Aires is worth sharing. He said:

I just got back last week and it was my second time there. The group I was with was considering sailing off to Colonia in Uruguay for a day or spending time on a gaucho ranch 70km outside the city. Ultimately, we reached a conclusion….why would we leave?

BA has some of the best steaks, Malbecs, and craft beers in the world. Now combine that with world-famous nightlife and a record-low peso value (I’ll get back to this). We settled on staying the full week in the affluent and sprawling neighborhood of Palermo which we used as a base to explore other areas of the city including Recoleta, San Telmo, and Montserrat. To be honest, you could spend the full week in just Palermo (it’s that big) and visit all the little sub-neighborhoods it has to offer such as Palermo-Soho and Palermo-Hollywood. It’s such a walkable part of town, with its pleasant, green parks, tree-lined streets, and outdoor cafes. It just feels “easy.”

Back to the peso. BRING DOLLARS. The “official” exchange rate (the one you get by paying by credit card or using an ATM) is now 9.5 to 1. However, exchanging dollars on the “blue” market (they don’t call it “black” in Argentina) will yield you 15 to 1 (at the current exchange rate). Just hear out for people saying “cambio” and make sure you ask your hotel for reputable dealers as some bills are fake.

17. Cape Town

Tom Contos from Chicago summed it up well about his visit to Cape Town:

So far, I’ve been there twice. It’s sort of a mix between LA and Miami…where urban sprawl spills down from the mountains directly onto café and palm-lined streets right on the beach (think South Beach). The city is simply drenched in sunshine.

You can jog along beautiful, suburban cliffs for dozens of miles before you hit the skyscrapers of downtown. Pick a scenic hotel anywhere between Sea Point and Clifton (I love Clifton) and simply “live.”

Cape Town is a city where you can lounge all day on the beach and eat and drink well at night. It also has a lot for thrill-seekers and outdoor-lovers (and it’s cheap; the rand is at record lows now).

When I was there the first time, I climbed Table Mountain, spend a few days in Fish Hoek and Table Mountain National Park on remote beaches, and spent an entire day in Stellenbosch on a wine-tasting tour. The second time I was there, I went shark-cage diving and more wine-tasting in Constantia Valley.

The locals are friendly and if you meet the right crowd, you’ll get invited to local parties, BBQs, and “sundowns” (drinks on someone’s balcony while watching the sunset).

18. Siem Reap

Siem Reap is a growing city in Cambodia. Its proximity to Angkor Wat makes it an important destination. Vincent Lennox from Sarasota listed Siem Reap as his favorite city. Here’s his comment:

A hidden gem but still a little rustic. Use to be a 2 night stay to see the famous Angkor Wat but has matured to become a destination in itself. 5 star hotels to hostel accommodations, world cuisines, safe and walkable. Added bonus, still very affordable and uses the US dollar.

Anthony Gamell from Missoula listed Siem Reap as one of the best cities he had been to. He wrote:

Siem Reap – beautiful river city near spectacular Angkor Wat.

19. Tokyo

Alan Sherman wrote:

I never had a bad meal here. It was always good to fantastic. The people are friendly and honest. Lots of beautiful places to go both old and new. There is always something to do. The best sushi in the world. It is extremely clean. Most of all, it is safe.

And if you are looking for food recommendations, Brett Domue has the answers:

Within Tokyo, a few food recommendations for great food, without breaking the bank:

Ramen: Kagari
Tonkatsu: Tonki
Tempura: Lunch at Tenshige
Okonomiyaki: Sakuratei
Izakaya: Warayakiya

20. Madrid

Madrid, Janelle Kennedy concluded: It’s not the most attractive place, but it’s got more “soul” than anyplace else I’ve visited. Great culture, food and nightlife too.

Gemma Puerta from Mataro wrote:

…because of it’s food, people and lively streets. Malasaña.

21. Havana

With it’s impending opening to tourists from the US, some experts say Havana will lose it’s old-world charm to tourists and cruisers. Jeyme Bolck is one of the lucky travelers that have visited the city while it’s still untouched. She wrote:

This place stole my heart. It’s vibrant, the people are warm and courteous, it’s cheap and it’s not completely over-run with tourists. Most importantly, it’s quite literally like stepping back in time. Anyone who doesn’t make an effort to speak or understand at least a little Spanish might find it difficult at times. But seriously, ditch your phone and white shoes and just lose yourself here!

22. Venice

For Polly Beam from Washington D.C., Venice is:

another place I’ve spend a good deal of time in and love. It’s magic, especially at night when you have it all to yourself. said Polly Beam from Washington D.C.

I love wandering around Venice in the early morning, before the day-trippers arrive and when gondolas are still covered and tied to wooden poles.

23. Chicago

Thomas Dorsey from Baltimore said:

…architecture, transportation, culture and surprisingly clean air. Half the sophistication of NYC, with a quarter the hassle.

When in Chicago, Vince Amato from Sarasota recommends:

You must go on the observation deck of Willis Tower (old Sears Tower) and for free you should go to the 96th Fl. bar of the Hancock for an amazing view.

I also recommend you take a boat tour of the Chicago River and lake front.

24. Dublin

Lola G on Dublin:

at the beginning of summer for a long weekend and it’s great. There’s friendly people and loads to do. You can find cultural events, art events, outdoor activities and make a few new friends at a pub.

Asgar Ali from Port of Spain said:

…certainly, the music is exhilarating

25. Reykjavik


Trippy user Janelle Kennedy opinion on Reykjavik:

It’s tiny, the weather usually sucks and not one single tree grows here, but it’s got the best clubs, bars and nightlife anywhere that I’ve found. The city is full of hipster types, but unlike the hipsters found in the USA and elsewhere in Europe, they have no pretenses and are always friendly and fun to party with. And as the only city of any size in Iceland and home to over half the country’s population, the food and cultural scenes is surprisingly good too.

As for me, I would choose New York City, Rio de Janeiro, London, Hong Kong and Cuenca (Ecuador) as the five best cities. I haven’t been everywhere but I know where I will be heading to next year – Prague and Vienna.

Where would you go next?

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Article and photos by Claudia Looi

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